Born in the UNESCO heritage town of Toledo in Spain, Chef Manuel Olveira's earliest childhood memories stem from his mother’s restaurant where he got his first glimpse of the various techniques of cooking. His passion for the craft inspired him to start cooking at the age of 14, and he helped out at the family restaurant on weekends, where he often served Spanish home-cooked food.


Over the course of his career, he has worked as Chef De Cuisine at several illustrious hotels around the world, including St. Regis - Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi and Le Cirque and Café Belge at The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai & J.W Marriot in Mumbai.


Chef Manuel’s gastronomical exploits have taken him from Spain to Dubai, and Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. By exploring classic flavours, and adapting to the diverse cultures and energies of the world around him, Chef Manuel has established his signature style of cooking.  Having worked in some of the most revered Michelin kitchens at an international level and renowned chefs such as Sergi Arola, Pepe Rodrigues Rey, Paco Perez, his precision and attention to detail have been further honed with a consistency in the flavours of each dish that is plated.


He credits India, and its nuanced culture, as playing a significant role in opening up his palette as it was here where he learned to play around with and infuse different flavours, textures and spices into his own creations.

After marrying Chef Manuel Olveira, Mickee Tuljapurkar encouraged him to give birth to La Loca Maria upon witnessing not just his creativity, talent and passion for food, but also the success and recognition he received while working alongside Michelin-star chefs and rave reviews from family & friends.


While the holistic inspiration came from his hometown and culture in Spain, Mickee served as the brains behind the conceptualization and execution of the restaurant.


Despite hailing from a real estate background, she found her first venture in hospitality segment made easier alongside Chef Manuel‟s calm and easy-going demeanour. Together, this dynamic duo has conceptualized La Loca Maria as a unique restaurant that has its own profound identity. “I decided to take a risk by attributing half the floor space of the restaurant as the kitchen, because I truly believe that the spirited energy begins to flow from there.


When people leave La Loca Maria, we want their souls to be more than satisfied. The fine showcase of diverse flavours means that patrons won’t have trouble finding a fresh favourite each time they step into La Loca Maria”.


 The food created and offered by Chef Manuel Olveira resonates perfectly with the spirited energy of the space, and endeavours to offer patrons one of the greatest pleasures of life — food.


Having put our hearts, minds and souls into the inception, evolution and execution of La Loca Maria, we’ve worked on developing the space as a chef- driven restaurant, wherein Chef Manuel can his explore his unbounded creativity to delight people with what he does best - dish out an explosion of rich flavours and textures packed in his mouth-watering dishes.

With the firm belief that "All good things come to those who eat", La Loca Maria invites its patrons to raise their fork and knife and dig into the exceptional food & good vibes at La Loca Maria. Buen Provecho!


All Good Things Come To Those Who Eat